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Macho sets the record striaght

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2015 IDC hero, Nicholas Naidu:File2015 IDC hero, Nicholas Naidu:FileChandar Dip Singh (Macho) says he was the head coach of the 2015 Inter District Championship Suva team and not as reported on the FSLGV Facebook.

Macho, who refused notoriety, said he felt the need to set the record straight into the ongoing coaching saga that seems to develop by every FSLGV post.

"I was the head coach of the triumphant Suva team", Macho told Sportsone ."Arun Chaudhary was the manager".

He said secretary Irshad Khan egregiously misled the public into believing that Mohammed Janif was the coach in his very first social media post.

Macho also said that he would be lying if he said Mohammed Janif was the president of the Suva Soccer Association.

"Honestly, I don't know who the president was or if there was one.

"I don't want to divulge into something that I'm not aware of, that's just not me".

The former Suva player laughed off the clarifications given by Khan on the FSLGV Facebook following the distorted post that exaggerated Mohammed Janif's coaching credentials.

Macho said the prerequisite that (Stopper) Mohammed Janif was the coach ahead of tournament and later 'reshuffled' as the tournament approached' is untrue and something unheard off.

"That is just all made up.I was the coach from the very get go".

Nadi soccer coach Ivor Evans vouched for Macho, said he was the coach for Suva team that beat Nadi 1-0 for the championship.

"Public institutions need to build trust and confidence then mount a sustained attack on its followers".

Ivor said he was quite baffled with some of the claims made on FSLGV posts.



+2 #1 Truth hurts 2016-12-24 17:02
Besides Irshad who brought shame not only to himself but the FSLGV for lying, Stopper who remained quite for not speaking out the truth is just as a guilty party.
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