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Calls for Khan's resignation

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The Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver's social media scandal has prompted calls for the resignation of secretary Irshad Khan.

The tipping point for Khan has been the subject of misleading public into believing Mohammed Janif (Stopper) was the coach of Suva soccer team that won the 2015 Inter District Championship.

And while this website and the sports know how's have attributed Chandar Dip Singh (Macho) as the coach of the year in question, to date, the man himself has only provided scant explanation into his wrongdoing.

The overwhelming majority feel the secretary should resign for unsubstantiated posts that drew the attention of football public.

Ajesh Nair, the former FSLGV player said the Khan manufactured coaching credentials of Mohammed Janif stirred up commotion among the fervent and in doing so he disrespected Chandar Dip Singh (Macho).

"I join other passionate soccer fans in calling for Khan's immediate resignation", Kumar said in an interview with Sportsone today.

"That would be the right thing to do".

"Enough of someone who calls others out on many forums including on his very own, the FSLGV Facebook and yet is hard pressed to admit is own fault".

Anit Kumar says he couldn't agree more with Nair's sentiment.

"This guy needs to step aside for the good of the governance".

"The hot topic for discussion lately has been Khan's inaction to retract the post and extend an apology.

"The secretary is public servant, he needs to be made known that he is not the FSLGV".

Kumar said the self made Facebook administrator and pseudo reporter challenges fair opinion and goes to lengths of removing comments made against the posts is immature.

President Nadraj Nair today said he was unaware of the controversy surrounding the Facebook post but has assured to look into it at his earliest.

Nair said he was away on holidays and returned home last week, added he is not abreast with what's all going on Facebook.

"I got back from holidays last week and honestly I'm not aware of the latest developments".

When asked about Khan's clarification into Suva's change of the management during the tournament proper, Nair vehemently denied having any knowledge of the change.

"It's just not possible. We have set rules that we follow and once the team/player/ management lists is approved, it remains unchanged throughout the tournament", Nair said.

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