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FANCA is not racist regime : Khan

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FANCA, senior VP, Azam KhanFANCA, senior VP, Azam KhanMohammed Azam Khan, FANCA senior vice president says the organization is not racist.

Khan reacted strongly against the claim made during the DreamZZ Punjabi Radio Station's, Kamila Singh show on Sunday.

Ahmed Buksh, a self described football coach and a guest on the 'Racism' forum made the startling revelation that FANCA was a racist regime and that provoked a stinging rebuke by FANCA Federation and its followers.

"I'm saddened that someone like Ahmed Buksh, who doesn't understand FANCA, would label it as a racist regime", said Khan, who is one of the founding fathers' of the organization and its first president.

"FANCA is not a racist regime".

Buksh said he couldn't become a FANCA coach and nor his two boys were allowed to participate in the tournament because they were not 'Sunni' Muslims , added FANCA wanted him to sign a documentation that " I was a 'Sunni' Muslim and wanted my kids to convert to 'Sunni' Muslim before they could play soccer, it went to media and media was at my house".

Khan said FANCA's objective initially was to foster sporting, cultural, social, economic and religious activities for Fiji Muslims and its descendants living abroad.

"The reason was to re-connect those Fiji Muslims who had moved overseas over the years".

Khan said since, changes have come about in the way of including none Fiji Muslims without compromising the fundamental specifics.

"Muslims who surrender and submit to the will of Allah (SWT) and its final Prophet Muhammad (SAW) have been in-scripted as the participants", said Khan from New Zealand last night.

He said the criterion was set by the member nations and any amendments to the rule of law is up to the five permanent member nations, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America, who make FANCA Federation.

Khan said while racism is an epidemic and very rife, people need to be proactive in identifying and preventing potential problems then 'fan the racism flame' by singling out off all a great organization like FANCA for personalized agenda.

"Every institutions have certain rules, constitutions and protocols that needs to be followed, likewise FANCA has its laws and that doesn't make them any racist".

Buksh was accompanied on the talk-back show by Irshad Khan, the controversial secretary of the Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver.

Khan is embroiled in a dispute for exaggerating facts and misleading football fans on FSLGV social media crediting FANCA coach Mohammed Janif (Stopper) as Suva's 2015 Inter District Championship winning coach.

Chandar Dip Singh was the coach of the year in question, calls for a retraction on the post and his resignation is yet to come.



+1 #7 About timeAhmed Buksh 2017-02-02 08:29
It's about time for the leaders like Azam Khan to realise that future of our children's well being is to promote all human beings as one , FANCA and BCMA uniting Muslim brothers through sports all over the World while denying rest is a Racist regime ,has no merits ,Uniting all brothers through sports as one without conditions .This will help bring more awareness about Islam to people who have doubts and misunderstandin g , FANCA and BCMA should evaluate its constitutions and protocols for benefit of Islam ,and take some responsibility about racism spreading against Muslims at present time
0 #6 Talent 2017-01-24 16:40
Mr Buksh have you ever considered that your boy's might not have been good enough to make the my experience
A parent trying to convince others how talented there kid's are says a lot
-1 #5 The meaning of Racism 2017-01-17 21:40
1[mass noun] Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior:
The meaning of Racism according to the Oxford Dictionary
0 #4 Credentials 2017-01-17 21:32
What makes Ahmed Buksh and Irshad Khan experts on Racism in Canada?? What credentials do both of them have to be speaking on such a serious's my understanding that one is a class 1 Truck Driver and the other is a mortgage broker..
Can you please provide your credentials in this topic
+5 #3 FANCA Is RacistAhmed Buksh 2017-01-17 20:19
Irshad agreed with the statement of Ahmed Buksh because it was the fact !
+2 #2 Fanca is RacistAhmed Buksh 2017-01-17 15:24
At any time you deny anyone the equal rights to enjoy sports, based on their religion, color, beliefs,sexual orientation, or other wise that's what FANCA is about and it is a fact.It is contrary to civilised behaviour and rule of the day in Canada.Keep FANCA and its false propaganda away from young youths in Canada. Equal rights to all.
+6 #1 Attention seeks 2017-01-16 19:51
Both the guys on the show had no idea what they were talking about. Irshad completely agreed on the statement made by Buksh and if you didn't watch the FB live, do so! you would be glad you did as these two guys just made FANCA THE WORST of racist movement.
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