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Team CanadaTeam CanadaThe notion that FANCA tournament is for Sunni Muslims to participate is downright skewed, says former none Fijian member of team Canada.

The player, who represented the nation on more than one occasion argues that race has no place in sports, let alone for Muslim tournaments.

The 'star' of 2001 team said he feels the need to speak out in the wake of an ongoing feud over the 'Racist, Sunni and Shia' comments uttered on an ethnic radio by former football coach, Ahmed Buksh.

He said there have been an influx of Shia players in the all British Columbia Muslim Sports Association run events.

"Shia players have for years been a part of the BCMSA sanctioned soccer tournament", said the former star, holding back his identity.

"I rubbed shoulders with Shia and Sunni players' alike on the Canadian FANCA team and in the Muslim Nations Cup.

"We may be from different parts of the word, speak different languages but we are believers of Islam first. We are all one".

FANCA Federation, senior Vice President Mohammed Azam Khan in an earlier interview with Sportsone said the inaugural FANCA tournament in (1997) set a Sunni benchmark.

He said changes came about in 2001 on the behest of the member nations, Fiji, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America (acronym) FANCA, to include none Fiji Muslims/ imports.

"There is a clear stipulation of the rule, now the member nations must adhere to the rules, policing is not within our means".

The former player said people who are playing the race card and think Shia players have no place on any team should look to the triumphant 2016 team Canada to see the make up of the team.

"What is wrong though, is that FANCA Federation and local association must admit Muslim tournament is for all Muslims to participate, irrespective of their racial denominations".



+1 #2 FANCA IS RACIST 2017-02-11 21:29
It's about time to allow all humans to participate in all the sports together as one , without denying any one based on their religion ,ect the world has changed and the leaders of the Muslims has to change for the benefit of Islam . Segregation and separation has no merits or benefits , inviting everyone as one shows we are all one and is legal . This provides perfect solutions to todays misunderstandin g about Islam and Islamophobia spreading across the world .The leaders should start taking some positive steps and responsibilitie s or simply step aside or forced out and let the new generation to promote Islam in a very positive and healthy ways .
0 #1 Fair play 2017-01-31 19:48
All BCMSA tournaments should right-fully allow all BC Muslims to participate as the title says it..Now Fiji FANCA FEDERATION was formed to allow Fiji Sunni's to congregate every 2 years for soccer tournament, however, Canada championed for the rule be to changed and in 2001 imports were used for the first time, again one could either call Canada the biggest cheats for allowing Shia players to play from the early years or they're SMART to play it by the rules, which I very much doubt. Technically Shia players qualify for the FANCA games as CANADA represents in the tournament under BCMSA, which only legitimizes Shia representation.
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