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FANCA boss appointed FFA CEO

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New FFA, CEO, Mohammed YusufNew FFA, CEO, Mohammed YusufFANCA president Mohammed Yusuf is the new Chief Executive Officer of the Fiji Football Association.

President Rajesh Patel made the announcement in Fiji on Wednesday.

The New Zealander will replace Bob Kumar, who has served the fraternity for 25 years.

The move comes after Kumar hinted retirement early last year.

Patel said Yusuf was the ideal candidate for the job.

He said the selection was made by the board following a vigorous vetting process.

Yusuf had served FFA as the senior vice president before immigrating to New Zealand, he had also been the former Nadroga Football Association president in the 80s.



+1 #2 FANCA BOSS is Racist 2017-02-12 15:59
In Canada and USA ,you can not deny anyone for participating in sports based on their belief ,Race ,Color ,Ethnicity ect IT IS ILLEGAL AND RACIST , This kind of "BOSS" should be never be allowed in Public leadership ,its bad for all Humans and future of new generation , Time to Fire him ! He has Racist qualities .!ONLY ! we all are one Race , one World ,The Human Race , and we all have Human Rights in Canada !Time for taking responsibility positively !
+2 #1 Corrupt 2017-02-11 22:47
The Fijian sporting world knew about Yusuf's appointment some 2 year's ago and here Rajesh Patel makes the circus news of his CEO. Birds of a feather flock together
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