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BA legend Bale blows steam

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Former Ba and Fiji goalkeeping great Bale RanigaFormer Ba and Fiji goalkeeping great Bale RanigaFootball fans are struggling to understand the rationale behind Mohammed Yusuf's appointment as the CEO of Fiji Football Association.

There have been an avalanche of questions over the vetting process and his appointment.

Many feel there were capable candidates in Fiji and among the jury against the decision is former Ba and national goalkeeper, Bale Raniga.

Speaking to Sportsone from Sydney, Australia, the footballing legend vented his displeasure at president Rajesh Patel and the FFA for fanning insider dealings into the sport.

Bale said you wouldn't find too many Ba people taking on someone from Ba, added he is all about the sport, the truth and fairness.

"Don't tell me there was no one good enough for the position in Fiji", Bale directed his question to Patel.

"The country has the know-how's and here a foreigner becomes the CEO".

"One must ask why Yusuf?

The 6 in a row (75-80) Inter District Championship winning goalkeeper and many more title holder between (70-86) said Yusuf, according to reliable sources was at odds with Patel during Sahu Khan's (former president) tenure, only to make amends following Patel's election.

"He drops everything in New Zealand and leaves for Fiji. My question is how much does he know about football. I've played for my former country and the district with all my heart and I know football and I have the right to voice my honest opinion.

"FFA is full of wolves in sheep's clothing".

Bale lashed out that under the very same people the sport in Fiji had deteriorated and he believes failures should never be given a chance for redemption and besides, all incompetent should be shown the door, added while people move up the ranks, football in the country continues to plummet.

The giant of an athlete during his days said the sport that gave him the adulation and identity is on a wane, advised FFA to set their priorities right and look at ways to resurrect the sport with a lot more optimism in the way of the standard and serve all the districts with parity.

"FFA is like FIFA under beleaguered former president Sepp Blatter, all about taking care of friends.

"I strongly believe there is something at the end of it all and your guess is good as mine, that's why those that join FFA want to become lifers".



+3 #2 Shame 2017-02-20 10:54
Absolutely right Bale,NOT all Ba people will speak-out the long legend.
+4 #1 Hot steam 2017-02-18 16:59
Well said legend!!
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