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City Bylaw posted in Surrey ParksCity Bylaw posted in Surrey ParksThe Fijian Soccer League expects all players, coaches, managers and spectators to conduct themselves according to the highest principles of sportsmanship and fair play.

President Nadraj Nair while speaking to Sportsone said the new football season gets underway on Sunday and he calls on everyone to adhere to the code of conduct at the City Parks always.

"Everyone associated with FSLGV must uphold a standard of behavior", he said.

Nair says unlike previous years, this year the FSLGV will come down hard on the perpetrators.

He said the rule allows for individuals to be suspended, barred completely, or otherwise disciplined for their actions.

"We will be very strictly. We encourage everyone associated with soccer to adhere to the standards of conduct.

"We will also not tolerate abusive behavior or any action that is intended or designed to embarrass, ridicule, or demean others".

The City Parks have posted its bylaw with a warning sign and Nair said those that violate would face City fines and suspensions as well.

"Will have enforced a zero tolerance on alcohol consumption and public urination.

“Those found in breach of the conditions as set out in the bylaw will pay a hefty price”.

A full slate of Masters and Premier league games are scheduled for the Bear Creek Park and the North Surrey Oval.


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