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The use of Marijuana in FootballThe use of Marijuana in FootballA FOOTBALL coach says there is no denial on the use of marijuana in local football competitions.


Adesh Raj who has been a coach for over two decades applauds Radio S1 Dhamaka for taking a stand on the topic of football and drugs on its sports show.


“I would be lying if I said I haven’t seen or heard about the marijuana use in football”, he said.

“Marijuana use has been known for some time now. There’s no denial”.

He begs to differ, on the use of steroids and amphetamines.

"I don't have any knowledge on the use of any other drugs. But people have the right to opinions”.

Raj said in a competitive world, it is not unusual for footballers to enhance their performance, whether it gives them the edge or the just the high is anybody’s guess”.

The Sports Show, he said shed some new lights on the use of drugs and its implications.

“The panel on the show covered a wide range of drugs used in football, I’m glad we have people who talk about sports, the drug use and create the awareness. Very informative show.

“All those that are involved in football need to advocate ‘the say to no drugs’ campaign”.

FIFA, the world football governing body has banned all drug use and considers it illegal.

Why can’t football and marijuana co-exist?

For years cannabis has remained on the FIFA’s banned substance list along with more commonly known performance-enhancing drugs like steroids and amphetamines.

“Players who use any form of drugs are simply cheats who are just not doing themselves harm but the sport as well”.

Raj encourages local coaches, teams and the players to say no drugs and keep the beautiful game always clean.




+1 #1 Drugs 2017-09-20 08:33
Marijuana use is huge among football players. It takes courage to admit it.
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