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Rugby hijab likely to hit retail shops

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Fiji born NZ rugby fan Rehana AliFiji born NZ rugby fan Rehana Ali A FIJI born All-blacks rugby fan who gained fame for wearing a hijab during the All Blacks and Springboks match says she may patent her design for retail sales.


Rehana Ali of Auckland, New Zealand said she has been inundated with calls and messages from rugby fans, family and everyday people praising her hijab (headscarf) worn during last Saturday’s All Blacks and Springboks match in New Zealand.


She said people have suggested she brand her design for retail sales.

"I had initially designed it for my personal use", Ali said during an interview with Sportsone yesterday.

"But I've had friends and family and likewise rugby fans suggest the idea for retail sale. I haven't given a serious thought just yet but it sure sounds like a great idea".

Ali, who was spotted on camera wearing the special hijab carrying the famous silver fern emblem has caught the attention of media and the story has gone viral.

"It is a media frenzy. It's interviews like none stop".

"The whole hijab idea came about in 2011 Rugby World Cup by my two boys, Zameer and Zafir Ali.

"I had always worn a hijab and it was no different when I was out and about. Even for rugby matches, my boys said I had all kinds of hijab in my closet and why not design an All Blacks one, so it is how it all came about".

She was a bit disappointed when a printer refused to print the silver fern emblem out of copyright fear.

"I was not buying into what the printer had to say, as I sewed my own design that I wore during last Saturday's game versus South Africa".

Ali, a fervent Sonny Bill Williams fan attends every All Blacks game and while she loves the entire team, she admits, there is something special about her favorite player, Sonny Bill Williams.

"SBW is a role model for all Muslims. He's a great athlete".

Ali encourages Muslim women to live their lives without compromising their identity in a multicultural society.

“Live your social lives and proudly wear your religious attires, there’s no harm in doing that, we need to respect one’s religion”.


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