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Ba-le: IDC is Ba's to lose

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Former Ba rep, Bale RanigaFormer Ba rep, Bale RanigaBA football team has found its niche says former Ba legend and goalkeeping great Bale Raniga.

Speaking to Sportsone from Sydney, Australia, Bale said his former district has made huge statement following wins over defending champion Labasa and Rewa, the winner of Fiji FACT and the Battle of the Giants.

"See with Ba it's all about confidence", he said. "The 3-0 win over the reigning Inter District Champion Labasa is a warning to other teams Ba is serious about winning the IDC".

He said all Ba needs to do is stay focused and prepare for the prospect of a huge celebration on Sunday.

"I think Ba has found its form. The need to stay focused to win the title".

The winner of record six in a row, IDC (1975-1980), said players shouldn't make a point of showboating after wins over Labasa and Rewa as the battle has only intensified.

Bale praised Ba Football Association for believing in its youths and giving them timely break, a practice he said was good for the training and the development of future stars.

"Experience is the nucleus, youth is future.

"Matured and development is always a good mix and it's definitely an edge for Ba".

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