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Public raised funds queryPublic raised funds queryFRESH questions have been raised on the appropriation of Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver's 2015 Pacific Cup fundraiser.

The query comes on the heels of the 2017 Pacific Cup. The general feeling is that following the league's withdrawal from the 2015 Pacific Cup, the public garnered funds have not been accounted for.

"November will be exactly 2 years since the Fijian League raised funds through dinner and dance and food sales", Sanjay Naidu, who along with his soccer buddies purchased tickets for two food sales, said.

"The  funds were raised with the promise to take a team to Pacific Cup in New Zealand but once they called it a tour, there was no accountability on the funds”.

Aneez Hafiz also bought the tickets, said he wants the Fijian League to be more transparent when it comes public funds.

He is calling for a greater transparency.

“It is in the public interest that league explains about the 2015 Pacific Cup fundraiser”.

Aneez said associations' that raise money on a promise and failed to live up lose public confidence.

"Any organization that uses public to help financially support their programs and fall short on delivery must never be given a second chance to ever seek help”, he said.

"There are many like me who purchased the fundraiser ticket in 2015. While we got the value for the food, the whole intentions of the bearer remain unclear".

Attempts to obtain a comment from FSLGV president Nadraj Nair proved futile.


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