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FSLGV, president Nadraj NairFSLGV, president Nadraj NairFIJIAN Soccer League of Greater Vancouver boss Nadraj Nair says the 2015 Pacific Cup funds was used to cover the cost for Canada Masters tour to Fiji in 2016.

Nair responded in the wake of the accountability questions raised on Thursday by two members of the community who helped raise the funds.

"We raised some $5000 or there about. The money was used to fund Canada Masters 2016 Pacific Cup campaign to Fiji", admitted Nair.

He said it was unfortunate for the FSLGV to pull out of the 2015 Pacific Cup for obvious reasons.

"We wanted to take a team to New Zealand but as you know it didn't happen. "There were issues getting players together for the tour".

Nair added the funds were not enough to fully fund Canada Masters as they had to use money out their pockets to to meet the expense in Fiji.

Sanjay Naidu and Aneez Hafiz, who raised the accountability question, say Nair's vague explanation comes 2 years too late.

"It took FSLGV 2-years to make a claim on the use of the funds", said Aneez.

"Had we not pressed on, the public would've never known where the money was used".

"FSLGV is public entity and such they must provide audited financial reports to its members. It's all about transparency", added Sanjay.

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