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Blues club with a difference

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New Blues Sports ClubNew Blues Sports ClubDEPENDS how you translate it, but to the many regulars it's a sports club with a difference.

Surrey's new Blues Social Club, located on 88 and Scott, offers more than just a space to wind-down after hard days of work.

It's a place where you get to enjoy your only choice of beverage, Kava in the company of others, play snooker and get to watch the many sports live.

And with the Rugby League World Cup in Townsville, Australia, the 'root' for Fiji fans are living the actions into the wee hours of the morning.

"It's a club with a difference", said Blues Social Club director, Samsher Ali, who named the club following Lautoka Blues emphatic soccer season in Fiji.

Ali said he had been thinking about setting up a sports club for a while and when opportunity served he took it with open arms.

"There are other clubs in Surrey, but the Blues Club is all about the aurora of freshness.

"It's all about quality entertainment and since it's a sports club, the patrons get to kickback and watch their choice of sports live on TV, and tryout their hands on a few rounds of snooker".

Ali said the club is open to the public 24/7 and there is no membership levy.

The former Lautoka resident said the BSC is about inclusiveness far from race and religion.

"There are rules, like with any other businesses.

"One will get ejected and or banned if one fails to follow the club rules, itís that simple", said Ali.

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