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Football field: Google ImageFootball field: Google ImageFIJIAN footballers would have their own football pitch and a recreational space in Surrey if the vision becomes a reality.

The proposed development is the idea of a Surrey businessman, who is also a developer and a passionate fan of the sport.

Andy Singh, the president of Andy Development, said he always wanted a football pitch to go with a recreational space and a Hall that would cater Fijian needs year around.

And with the recent purchase of a 10-acre land in Surrey, the facility could become available for public use as early as 2020.

"I've been thinking about the idea for years' now".

While plan is in place, the design of the project itself will not be finished until City's approval.

"We still need to get the land its proper zoning and the necessary City approval for the project to start", said Singh.

He said Fijians have been using Surrey City Parks for football for years' now and as much as they hire Halls for functions as there isn't a Fijian owned outlet that could serve one or the other.

"All in one".

The user conditions, he added will be made available once the project is completed, hinted at a "Much lesser rate than the City Parks and the private run Halls".

"I'm also aware of the negativity that would immediately swell on the private project. This will become a hot button topic".

"I know too well, but I see this as another business opportunity much like others that I've carried out with best people around me.

Singh says the only thing that is stopping this venture is the bureaucracy, nothing else.




+4 #1 Best news 2017-12-03 08:37
Well said Andy, it will be a hot button topic and why? Because Fijians had never thought about it for 40 plus years and now you got it planned ..Hall, Rec and Field! more power to you
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