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Footballers extend Christmas greetings

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Merry Christmas from Fijian footballers Merry Christmas from Fijian footballers THE biggest stars of Fijian football have shared on how they will be celebrating the Christmas.

While they've their own distinctive ways, the message is the very same, they would be enjoying the special day with family and loved ones.

UBC Thunderbirds star, Rylan Sangha who played pivotal role for the USA All Stars Pacific Cup team in Auckland, New Zealand, said he would be spending time with family and friends and enjoy the break away from University.

"Trying to reset for the New Year and just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas".

Rylan, arguably the finest on the USA All Stars helped obliterate Fiji champions Lautoka 2-1 in the semifinal game and Rewa during the Pool match only to succumb to eventual winners NZFFI 2-1 in the grand finale.

"I hope everybody has a safe and enjoyable holiday season".

UBC Okanagan Heat midfielder, Nikhil Reddy said the holidays would be a perfect time for athletes to enjoy time with family and friends.

"It is hard to find time during the busy year.

"Stay active and focus on what you want to achieve in the New Year. Happy holidays to all".

Ronald Chaudhary, a blue-chip footballer, whose career influential mother passed away earlier in the year will not be having a big celebration.

"This Christmas will be bit different for me and my family because I lost my mom almost eight months ago", he said.

"I remember last Christmas she was with us and we had a grandeur feast. Her love and care will always be missed".

Chaudhary wishes everyone a very blessed Christmas.

"May your home be blessed with love and happiness".

Other players took the opportunity to remember those less fortunate at Christmas, with Ivor Evans delivering a very serious message about the world peace.

"We are all the same and one on this earth and we have a duty to help each other. Together we can make this world a better place".

Subarmani Reddy said that despite not all religions celebrating the same occasions, "we can all agree on the positivity of a time of year to celebrate those nearest and dearest to us.

"Holidays give us the chance to spend time with our loved once - let's celebrate that," he said.

"No matter where you come from or which religion you belong to. We all share the same values and it is our responsibility to help each other and to stand up for those values. No matter if you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or you believe in something else. Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukka to all of you!"


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