Italy players celebrate UEFA Euro championship after their 3-2 shootout win against England at Wembley Stadium in England: UFEA

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New Year's resolutions

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New Year's resolutions; Google ImagesNew Year's resolutions; Google ImagesAS usual, there are a lot of lofty expectations around New Year’s resolutions, and there are, definitely, many who fall short with their resolutions.

But athletes, professional and or amateur set goals and working against them isn’t just a matter of telling the friends their loftiest dreams and then forgetting about them.

The goals are set, if they’re reasonable, and manageable, can help them become better athletes in their desired sports and open opportunities.

If you haven’t thought about the kind of goals that might make you a better athlete in your field, it all starts today with that baby steps.

A day at a time to improve your management, work on procrastinating less, being more proactive.

It is also about making steady progress, every day. Make yourself that one percent better today and gradually following up on it.

It can get overwhelming sometimes if we look at where we want to be, it is all about improving as athletes.

*What is a new skill you want to pick up? How can you go about doing it?

*What is an area of your game you know you need to improve? How can you focus on that one area until you have it down?

*How are you going to improve yourself by one percent, every day?

It is said athletes are more than just athletes, they’re students of their respective sports.

They can be best, if they put their minds to it, as they say there’s always room to improve.


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