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FANCA Canada draw support

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Ahamed Buksh, former coach.Ahamed Buksh, former coach.THE breakaway FANCA Canada body will be the best alternative for footballers of Muslim community only if they adopt inclusiveness.


The view is that of former football coach Ahamed Buksh, who says the reputation of British Columbia Muslim Sports Association and the FANCA chapter had been severely tarnished over the years.


Buksh, who was in a bitter feud with the BCMSA and FANCA over what he termed as ‘alienation’ of youths from participating in the Muslim tournaments locally and in FANCA, based on their racial denominations.

“I have a problem with the people who run the very associations and their constitutions”.

“I will wholeheartedly support them, FANCA Canada if the new body is about inclusiveness.

“FANCA Canada needs to eradicate racial profiling if anything. We live in a country of the land and the free. Open for all Muslims would draw huge financial and the moral support from every spectrum.", he said.

Buksh said he applauds the courage of the people who want change.

FANCA Canada was formed over two weeks ago after former BCMSA president Zarim Khan become the bane for the association he championed,he distance himself after the annual general meeting last year.

Khan was elected president of FANCA Canada.

Sources close to Sportsone confirmed last week that Khan did not seek a reelection and had waved his right to file the nomination.

The separation and the formation of breakaway FANCA Canada is believed to have culminated over years of irreconcilable differences.

“I’m all about unity and if this new organization can guarantee in the way of inclusiveness, transparency and accountability then there is no reason why FANCA Canada will not be successful”.




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The failures of Combine FC run BCMSA and not surprised by FANCA Canada's grog guzzling board.. power to you all
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