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FANCA Canada - BCMSA talk unity

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Parties talk unityParties talk unityFEARING a far-reaching consequence FANCA Canada and British Columbia Muslim Sports Association have started the unity talks.

FANCA Canada, a body formed on the back of irreconcilable differences, has taken the lead to iron out the wrinkle for the common good of Muslim sports in Britain Columbia.

A FANCA Canada source informed Sportsone that while both the parties have met, FANCA Canada pressed the issue on the constitution and the powers that were vested on the life members, the registration of the association and the election, which had been the reasons for the division.

"The legal embodying law of the BCMSA has flaws. The constitution was not consulted”, said the source.

The source said it was also highlighted that based on the composition of the constitution the board members of the BCMSA would not be able to serve as Team Canada officials.

“The rule clearly inculcates that any board member who serves on the BCMSA board cannot hold official positions with Team Canada.

“There are directors who have appointed themselves as team officials and this is against the rule of law”.

He said FANCA Canada, however is willing to put aside the difference for good of the unity and the future FANCA and local tournaments.

Aleem Hassan, a FANCA tournament fan and a contributor is of the understanding that there is no need for a body like BCMSA.

He said, instead, a Fiji Muslim Association would just as serve its people.

“You have the BCMSA, which is Fiji Muslim run organization and Team Canada that participates in FANCA tournament, made up of players from around Vancouver and Surrey area. Where is parity that these organization so seek.

“There hasn’t been much change since the very first FANCA tournament that Vancouver, Canada hosted”.

Aleem says the biennium FANCA tournament has become a battle ground for power and authority and gets murky by the year.


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