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Fijians brace for Super Bowl

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Fijians brace for Super Bowl partyFijians brace for Super Bowl partySUPER bowl 2018 is expected to draw millions of audience, among them Fijians who are looking forward to the big game and the party atmosphere.

And all eyes will be glued to TV, for the live action from the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Sunday.

The Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots are set to square off in Super Bowl LII.

Brian Lal, a staunch Philadelphia Eagles fan is expecting a huge turnout at his Surrey home for the game.

Lal said his friends are both the fans of the Eagles and the New England Patriots, added that's what makes the rivalry of the bunch so much fun.

"I've always been an Eagles fans", he said. "It would be wrong not to root for them in the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl.

"Eagles will win the Super Bowl".

Nick Foles, who is Eagles backup quarterback has something to prove, says Lal.

"Foles took over from the injured Carson Wentz, who suffered a torn ACL in December and since been some story.

"Foles aims to become the first backup quarterback to win a Super Bowl since Tom Brady".

Arvin Kumar argues his longtime friend Lal needs to get real and admit that New England Patriots are destined to win its sixth Super Bowl on Sunday.

"I will be at  Lal's to watch the game and guess what I will balloon my lungs to cheer on  the Patriots to win the title.

"It would be nice to party on enemy territory all with friendly rubs", Kumar said with a laugh.

He says Tom Brady; Patriots quarterback will make key plays in the fourth quarter for the championship.

"It will be a close one that's for sure".

Nazim Mohammed, a neutral, is least worried about who wins the match-up, said he is one unique invite who understands the game very little but is sure to enjoy the company of the friends.

"I'm all about the drinks and good time. More Kava, the happier I get", he said.

He said friends that need his vocal support better provide him with his drink of choice.

Lal laughed off Nazim's sense of humor, said Kava will make his good friend 'sleep at the switch' before he realizes the game has ended.


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