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League have themselves to blame

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Subarmani Reddy with Rob Vikerman, England 7s captainSubarmani Reddy with Rob Vikerman, England 7s captainTHE Fijian Soccer league have themselves to blame for the lack of Premier teams, says former All-Star footballer Subarmani Reddy.

Reddy said the league has far long neglected development as days have befallen the association.

“The league had turned a blind eye on development”, he said. “The league has been poaching footballers form other school of excellence that have been developing players for years”.

Reddy also said the FSLGV is an organization that rightly stands accused for being too conservative, to slow to change and arcane.

"A good organization is one that looks to the future, had the league put some of its resources towards development then they would’ve not starved for players and teams”.

The imposing defender said the FSLGV needs to give up on the aggressive salvo and hear-out the concerns and issues relating to the teams and help them out.

"You just can't make it obligatory on the teams to round up a bunch of players and go pay to play the sport.

"The FSLGV needs to take some responsibility for providing monetary break, like with team and players registrations.

"Remember it's not financially viable to run a team with pocket change. The burden have been shouldered by the teams for way too long", said Reddy.

He laughed off the suggestion that there is a campaign to allow Sikh (East Indian) footballers to be declared as locals (Fijian).


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