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NAFSA talks unity

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NAFSA/CAN AM champion, TFCNAFSA/CAN AM champion, TFCTALKS are underway to amalgamate the North American Fijian Soccer Association and the NAFSA/ CAN AM Association for the greater good of football.

A separate meeting is planned for Vancouver and the USA for Sunday to formulate the unification process of the two breakaway-bodies that parted separate ways in 2014.

Sportsone has learnt that several officials of NAFSA and its affiliates have expressed their desire through electronic mail for a merger before the 2018 tournament.

An electronic mail obtained by this website, says that some ranking NAFSA officials are willing to step aside for the future of football under one organization.

It also says while many believe the merger will work, a handful still have reservations about the merger.

Shane Gill of Combine Brothers Sacramento said they all just need to put the differences aside and focus on the Fijian community.

“The egos have destroyed Fiji soccer not only in California but Canada.

“We need to come to the table and agree to what’s best for Fiji soccer and the Fiji community”, he said.

“If you are concerned about who’s running what league then you are in for your personal reasons rather than the advancement of our Fijian youths and the community”.

Shane said soccer builds brotherhood among Fijian communities no matter if ‘you’re’, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, South Indian or whatever religion you believe-in.

“It’s not about politics it’s about our flag, let’s all put whatever aside and make it work”.




+2 #1 UnityAjay Kumar 2018-04-15 09:37
NSAFA need more people like Shane Gill, who is about brotherhood. Try to get that message across Flagstaff FC who seem to own the organization and what Flagstaff is to NAFSA, FSLGV is to Fijian soccer in Surrey, Canada.
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