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Naicker throws first pitch in MLB game

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Fiji's Honorary Consul Bobby NaickerFiji's Honorary Consul Bobby NaickerFiji’s Honorary Consul to Vancouver Mr. Bobby Naicker threw the ceremonial first pitch at the Texas Rangers baseball game last week in Dallas Texas, USA.

Mr. Naicker who is also the President and the COO of the Dennys Restaurants of Canada was ecstatic about the honor bestowed.

“It was exciting to stand on the pitcher’s mound and see the fans from the field", Mr. Naicker said.

"It was an honor I won’t forget”.

The Major League Baseball fixture was against the Los Angeles Angels in front of over 27,000 fans.

The game was the kick-off social event for the 3rd annual Denny’s International Franchisee Summit held in Dallas, Texas.

The game was nationally televised live on most North American sports channels.

A 2017 NBC survey revealed that an average 5 million viewers watch the single telecast making it the second biggest sport after the National Football League (NFL).


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