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New clubs join NCL

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NCL, includes 2 new teamsNCL, includes 2 new teamsAN influx of cricketers has forced the National Cricket League to include two expansion clubs for the new cricket season.

President Ravi Lal said the sport of cricket has become very popular over the last five years and with huge migration of Indians, Pakistanis' and Sri Lankan’s, the demand for summer league is at all-time high.

“We have been inundated with requests from new clubs wanting to join the summer league”, said Lal.

“With the demand, our executive board was unanimous in allowing two clubs to join the NCL for the 2018 season”.

Lal said the NCL is there to serve the cricket good.

He says the new clubs were made aware of the importance of the code of ethics of the NCL, and the stipulation of the constitution.

“We welcome new membership.

“We welcome new migration to Canada and it’s always an honor to have great cricketers from around the globe be part of our league”.

Lal added, the team and player registration date will be made public early next month.

The 10-team league will start at the end of July.


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