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Facebook threat stirs anger

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A Labasa Masters player faces suspension.A Labasa Masters player faces suspension.A LABASA Masters player who uttered death threats to Samabula FC, players on social media, Facebook is looking at a lengthy suspension.

James Junior posted the message on Samabula FC, manager Mohammed Faizal’s timeline on Sunday.

The message was also intended for one, Naushad and Sanjay.

Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver president Nadraj Nair said he was aware of the Facebook threat and assured the public that the said player would be dealt with accordingly.

“I don’t know what transpired between these individuals but whatever it maybe no one has the right to threat anyone, anywhere, let alone on Facebook”, Nair said.

“And worse off, when someone’s life is being threatened.

“The league doesn’t support violence”.

Faizal said he was shocked by the threat and is contemplating on whether to file a Police report.

“No one in the right mind would post something like that”, he said. “I’m saddened by what was posted on Facebook”.

Footballers’ and fans were quick to condemn the post, and many suggested the matter be reported to Police and called on the FSLGV to suspended James for life for bringing disrepute to the association.

“The seriousness of the matter needs immediate action from FSLGV”, said Subarmani Reddy, the former defensive titan of Fijian football.

“The league should take the threat very seriously as it is about the players' safety and security.

“The league suspends players for unrelated issues, it’s about time they standup and right the wrong”.

Facebook friends of Junior had called for the post to be taken down but as of last night it was still up.




+2 #1 ThreatAjay 2018-05-29 17:46
Sportsone saved Fijian League shame for not writing what was posted on Facebook.. its more than what James said, one that will get him behind bars for sure and league will get worldwide airtime and print space
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