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Threat raises safety alarm

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Football safety concern: GoogleFootball safety concern: GoogleLAST Sunday's Facebook death threat on footballers by a member of Labasa Master’s sets off the panic alarm.

The Fijian Soccer League of Greater Vancouver who is the bearer for the protection of its members is duty bound to act now.

And under the code, the deranged must be sent the strongest message of condemnation and chastised before things escalate.

One that would serve as a deterrent and rejuvenate the sport without fear and reprisal.

The death threat is the last thing the fraternity needed, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time.

The league has lost the core league status following the disbandment of the premier division and is barely surviving, and hadn’t it been for the Masters division, the FSLGV would’ve become a defunct body at the start of the new season in April.

It also raises the safety and security question for the many parents of the youth players' who make Sunday’s a family affair, supporting their teams during the youth games all in the name of the beautiful sport.


The fear of it all is, the altercation that started off at the field and appeared on Facebook, with death threats on Samabula FC, players could well spill on to the parks in the near future.


And God forbid, the innocent and future footballers get all caught up in the vicious circle, get hurt and or lose their lives.

That would be a parent’s worst nightmare. The image the footballing fraternity wouldn't want to be painted with.

The sign is up though, and red flag shouldn’t go unaddressed.

The safety of all associated with Fijian football shouldn’t hinge on a single person’s discretion or actions.

Like the many reforms, the FSLGV needs a system and protocols to identify the problem and guarantee a safe footballing environment for all.

On this, they can and must do better.


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