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Naymer has class: Ivor

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Ivor Evans with Karl TE NanaIvor Evans with Karl TE NanaBrazilian soccer star Naymer who has been criticized in the media for exaggerating fouls and injuries needs protection says former soccer wizard Ivor Evans.


Ivor said all good players become unfair targets by opponents and Naymer is no different.

“Referees need to protect him”.

“Naymer is an amazing player. He is very skilled and is every defender’s worst nightmare.

“He also knows how to draw smart fouls and defend himself from tackles”.

Ivor who had an 11-year professional hiatus with the Vancouver Whitecaps, says he knows too well the intentions of opposing teams on players with adroit ball skills.

“I know it all. There’s always that belief that if you take out the best you hurt the team. It’s not only in the World Cup but in Fijian soccer as well”.

Former players, coaches and commentators have labeled Brazilian ace theatrical for diving and rolling in agony, but Ivor is against the opinion.

“I don’t believe it”.


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