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Canada suffer heavy defeat to NZ

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New Zealand FANCA team: Photo Credit: USFT FBNew Zealand FANCA team: Photo Credit: USFT FBNEW Zealand handed Canada heavy defeat during the FANCA Muslim soccer tournament at Churchill Park in Lautoka yesterday.

The defending champions lost 4-1 and with a win, draw and two loss record failed to make the playoffs on aggregate.

Playing under scorching heat, the Canadians were outplayed in all facets of the game.

Canada made a few decisive runs at goal but they failed to get any solid chances, and it was not long before New Zealand opened up the defense and started the rout.

Canada scored on a consolation penalty and appeared lethargic as the game wore towards the end.

New Zealand who had been undefeated leading up to the Canada game extended its unbeaten run with a sublime display of football and look favourites to win the championship.

New Zealand will meet host Fiji in the grand finale on Sunday after Fiji beat USA 1-0 to win the playoffs last night


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