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Canada binge party scandal

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Canada FANCA team: Photo, USFiji Times/FBCanada FANCA team: Photo, USFiji Times/FBFANCA team Canada is facing fresh claims that several players partied during the FANCA Muslim soccer tournament in Fiji.

Players have been implicated in binge drinking.

A player and an insider Sportsone spoke to confirmed that indiscipline thwarted the team's ability to perform under hot and humid conditions at Lautoka's Churchill Park.

"Late night partying is what let the team down", said the insider.

"Players partied till early morning and it certainly affected their performance during the games".

The player said the partiers chose an-uptown pub to drink.

He said besides drinking, there were disagreements and the lack of unity in the team.

"These were players on national duty who were nevertheless a pale version of the warrior they were before they left for Fiji.

"The failed run must be ascribed largely to indiscipline in Fiji", he said.

Attempts to obtain a comment from British Columbia Muslim Sports Association remained futile.



+6 #1 ExposedRizwan 2018-08-11 17:36
Great to expose the truth...every tour is same, and in 2016 they won it after buying Fiji off in the playoffs this time they tried New Zealand,didn't work, shame on Canada
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