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Lack of local interest for IDC

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Fans lack of IDC interest Fans lack of IDC interest THE fan following for the 2018 Inter District Championship in Suva, Fiji is tepid at best.

A Sportsone poll conducted after day two of the matches reveal 80 percent audience have opted out of the following for obvious reason.

Only 5 percent said they anticipated following it closely, while another 5 percent said Fiji soccer don’t hold a place as sporting interest in their lives.

They feel soccer still has a long way to go before its marquee event can stake a claim alongside worlds game.

The reason given against the following is that football in Fiji is on a wane.

Majority of the respondents agreed the sport remains unchanged and doubt it will get any better anytime soon.

They said teams lack the tactical and technical aspects of the game and continue to play old fashion football.

The results were taken from S1 media online poll and include the responses of 300 adult Fijians.

The credibility interval, a measure of precision, is plus or minus 3 percentage points.


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