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Footballers weigh on Fiji Election

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Former fotballers follow Fiji ElectionsFormer fotballers follow Fiji ElectionsFIJI General Elections has for the first time dragged the otherwise apolitical former footballers into a bitter divisive campaign.

And not since 1987 have these many admitted following the campaign with keen interest.

While the three major parties, FijiFirst, the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) and the National Federation Party are making one final push to convince Fijians for November,14, election, footballers Sportsone spoke to say every candidate is at the voter’s mercy.

Some 234 candidates (56 of them women) from six parties are fielding candidates for all 51 parliamentary seats and the major parties are all fielding a full line up, while three smaller parties have candidates for about half the seats.

Jake Singh, a former Western Stars says the 2018 Elections have Fijians from all works of life follow for it could possibly change the political landscape and the governance in the country added, it’s the same Fijians that parties are looking for support to help them win the election.

Unlike the 2014 Elections, where people didn’t give much interest, knowing the cleanup under Voreqe Bainimarama had Fijians believe the country was headed in the right direction but this time Fijians have a mixed bag of responses about the general affairs, said Singh.

“I’m of the opinion that the country has made huge strides in terms of peace, progress and prosperity and eradicated corruptions, Fijians in some sectors vary and that’s why this election is so important".

Singh says the social media is also having a huge impact, drawing people and addressing pressing issues that needs redress in the country and scrutinizes the candidates for the elections.

Naveen Kumar says apart from a few exceptions, most of the candidates on the NFP and SODELPA ticket are just there to leverage their name more than anything else.

“This election again is a mismatch. The Voreqe Bainimarama Government has made a new Fiji, a Fiji for all Fijians.

“I don’t see them losing, and with the strong support, FijiFirst will retain the governance.

“And besides what other government has done so much for the country in history, free school fees and bus for students, allowances for old-timers, seniors and many other concessions shouldered during natural disasters and more.

"There are those who are now making huge promises and then it’s the FijiFirst that made it happen, said the former Lautoka and national footballer, Kumar.

Vijendra Raj, a former United FC, player says the current government seems to have become unpopular in some quarters, but majority of Fijians have come to accept them as the government of the future.

“Common citizenry under the constitution deserves praise, equality it is”, said Raj.

“I think they’re re going to win this election because the opposition is very divided, pretty incoherent, hasn’t been able to mount a major challenge, the economy’s doing ok, and Bainimarama has some sort of vision for the country”.

Trojan Club’s, Mohammed Yunus said indigenous seem to hold separatist opinion about the Bainimarama Government, added there’s no better alternative for Fijians to vote any other party.

“We all have families back in Fiji and it is where the heart is, all we want is a government that cares about its people not on racial denomination and or otherwise, but as Fiji for all Fijians, said former Suva resident.


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