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A rare opportunity, says Chand

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Umesh Chand Umesh Chand IF you guessed Canada Sevens championship trophy only has the imprints of Fiji Airways men’s 7 players, England and New Zealand than you guessed it wrong.

A diehard Fiji 7s fan had a rare opportunity to get the feel of the prized possession during the premium ticket holders reception organized by Canada Sevens last weekend.

Umesh Chand, a Surrey-rite, considers himself lucky to hold the very trophy that New Zealand, England and Fiji players have raised a loft as tournament winners in the three years’ running of the HSBC Canada Sevens.

“I feel honored”, he said.

“It’s nice of Canada Sevens to give that respect to the premium ticket holders who continue to support the event”.

The trophy features eagles, a sacred symbol of the Tslei-Watuth Nation, it represents the ability to soar and inspire like all great champions do.

“It is definitely a unique piece of hardware. I’ve had a picture taken up and close with it.

“How often does someone actually get to see it up close, let alone hold the piece that 16 top sevens rugby nations in the world play for”.

Chand said Canada Sevens is getting bigger and growing in leaps and bounds by the year and Canadian Fijians have made the biggest backdrop for the two-day event at the BC. Place Stadium in Vancouver.

“The hype is only beginning. Remember it was Vancouver win that set-in motion Fiji 7s, Hong Kong, Singapore and London Sevens winning streak”.

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