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Aarav enjoys being a goalkeeper

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Aarav Mishra, Galaxy BC Tigers goalkeeperAarav Mishra, Galaxy BC Tigers goalkeeperFATHERS are a huge source of inspiration for most children when it comes to football.

It is normal to see kids imitate their fathers and play the very position their old men did.

For Aarav Mishra it is anything but.

The 13-year old plays goalkeeper, versus his dad Ritesh Misha a striker, who shared his spills with the Fiji Football Association and Fijian League among others.

“I started playing in goal when I was 10 years old, I was a striker before that”, said Aarav.

The Galaxy BC Tigers goalkeeper admits, while his dad wanted him to continue playing upfront, he was adamant about playing in goal.

Aarav said he was inspired by Chris Singh, the former Tanoa FC and Fiji Allstars goalkeeper.

“I watched him play from a very young age. I always wanted to play in goal. I’m glad I made the right choice”.

Aarav’s performance had him get called-up for the United Fijian U16 tour of Fiji in July.

Dad, Ritesh says he is happy for Aarav, the decision he made and supports him.

“I’d love him to emulate me, but I guess he has found a nose for goalkeeping. I’m happy for him”.



+4 #1 CongratsPatrick Jr 2019-06-17 15:08
Good job Aarav and keep up the good work.
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