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2017-2018 Ba Masters team: FB photo2017-2018 Ba Masters team: FB photoAROUND the same time last year, Ba Masters Football team were in a jovial mood.

They were celebrating their second league title on the back of the very first they clinched in 2017.

And were ready to saddle up for the treble with the view of all-conquering years on.

The high riders had also sounded warnings of matching Navua Masters record winning five straight (2012-2016) title wins.

With an array of players at the time, impossible was nothing.

But while the forethought were good, there were qualms about the affairs of the association and the future of the club was uncertain.

President Vinesh Lal (Berry) who had transformed the team came under the scope, said to have been eyed on through insider mongering.

A reliable source close to Sportsone said, Lal was forced to resign for reasons best known to the fraternity.

Lal denied, admitted he parted seperate ways on good understanding.

It’s worth mentioning that Ba Masters, wasn’t always synonymous. Before 2017, they had only once finished second to Navua in the 2014 league season.

That all changed with the election of novice,Lal.

The passionate and determined turned the team around for the better. The kind of success, of course, was rare.

But it turned out, a few thought they could replicate it—or know how.

“From under achievers to a back to back (2017-2018) championship team in the two years he was at helm”, said the source.

“The leader was competent and rare and that didn’t sit well with people with average interests who were settled for little and just a few who wanted more”.

As the season draws to a near end, the struggling side is sitting at the bottom half of the table.

There was some suggestion to walk away from the competitions all-together, but diehards decided to continue on, while every efforts being made to convince Lal to resurrect the team.

If the recall eventuates, he will not only turn the team into a perennial powerhouse, but also well-known brand that they once were, Men in Black.



+3 #1 FACTRam 2019-06-29 13:25
Well said, it couldn't have been put any better.Berry was that cherry on Ba's sudden rise.
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