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Don CherryDon CherryHOCKEY loving Fijians have expressed disgust at Don Cherry’s xenophobic remarks about immigrants during the "Coach's Corner" segment on television.

Cherry, who was as big as the hockey institution itself directed his triad at immigrants for not buying poppies on Remembrance Day.

He implied that immigrants in Toronto are not paying their respects to Canadian veterans by not wearing poppies.

Jagat Singh who has been following the sport for four decades, said Cherry, the 85-year-old made it known about his ulterior views on immigrants.

Singh said, Cherry’s reference, ‘you people’ was directed to 65 percent of Canadians who were born outside of Canada and live in the country as immigrants.

“It’s sad”, said Singh.

“I’ve been following hockey for 40 years. I’m a Canadian but an immigrant as well.

“I know good that behind my freedom is veteran, poppies or no poppies, I’m quite abreast about veterans’ contributions and I’m living the culture”.

Raymond Chand said Don Cherry made a sick comment, adding it was good riddance.

“How did he last 4 decades as hockey commentator is beyond me, who was nothing but a nuisance to television”.

Kelvin Raj says the thing about people complaining that Don Cherry shouldn’t be fired for this one specific incident seem to be forgetting he’s also been awful at his job for the last two decades.

“Real hockey fans will not miss a thing, let’s just move on, not having this guy”.

Sportsnet fired Cherry on Monday.

His comments were widely criticized online and on social forums.

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