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Dubai 7s countdown begins

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Capitans of the 16 teams for the Dubai 7s: HSBCCapitans of the 16 teams for the Dubai 7s: HSBCThe DUBAI Sevens sets the opening leg of the 2019/2020 HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series in motion

For Fijians the countdown begins. As it is the sport that has the biggest following.

And the spectacle of it will reverberate ‘Go Fiji Go’ wherever Fijians call home, away from home and whenever the Fiji Airways Fijian sevens team takes to the pitch.

It is incredible how fans around the world live the sport of seven, as if it was a religion.

It’s the awaken passion as every leg on the circuit bring us, Fijians together, sevens is the only sport that is able to paralyze the country for one single game, winning a tournament and or the overall series turns into euphoria.

As the reigning HSBC Sevens series (2018-2019) champions, Fiji Airways Fiji sevens team knows all too well what it takes to win the Dubai Sevens.

The team has the core returnees, who have played together to know their strengths and the weaknesses.

Former national sevens star, Viliame Satala couldn’t have better put, said the core returnees have played together, know each other well, their strengths and the weakness.

“It is all about putting the best foot forward for one another and the team”.

He urged players to start strong and back it up with intensity come the Cape Town Sevens the following week.

Coach Gareth Baber has the team, that could play as a team, depend on the individual player or look for the marquees, the team has it all.

But for the players the key is, adherence to always fallback on coaching, the instructions, discipline, and the strategy as always.

With that, the team need not worry about Australia’s Trae Williams “Quadzilla”, who threatens to dust for speed on USA duo, Carlin Isles and Perry Baker.

And neither feel intermediated by Africa’s Seabelo Senatla, Rosko Specman and Dylan Sage, nor see New Zealand, who comes with a team that have been around for last few years and are any imposers.

Fiji needs to look to its players, the likes of Alasio’Nitro’ Naduva, Ratu Meli Derenalagi, Aminiasi Tuimaba and the World Rugby Men’s 7s Player of the Year award winner ‘Little Magician’ Jerry Tuwai to carry our hopes to the podium.

Let’s get fever pitch of the crowd, the roar of the fans, the emotions, the attires, absolutely everything that makes it exciting to watch our men win the Dubai Sevens.

Yes, we can.

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