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Christmas a joyous occassion

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Sportsone wishes its readers a very Merry ChristmasSportsone wishes its readers a very Merry ChristmasCHRISTMAS is always a glorious time for the Canadian Fijian sporting personalities.

It’s time- off from their dedicated sports, and spending time with families.

While athletes from the various sports look forward to the occasion, it’s the last few days before Christmas that seems to be chaotic.

And finding that ideal gifts could be excruciating but sharing has been a tradition.

Raymond Naidu, of the Boyd AA basketball team in Richmond has been combing stores for gifts for loved ones in a hurry.

“It’s always about gifts, just kidding but yeah we have always shared gifts during Christmas, and it’s about the spirit of giving more than anything else”, he said.

“I’m almost done, it’s just a few more left to be done, but yeah Merry Christmas to the readers of Sportsone, and best wishes for the New Year”.

Upcoming golfer Ashneel Raj couldn’t agree more with Raymond, the Surrey-rite said off all things, shopping particularly and finding gifts took chunk of his time but is happy he’s got it all done, a first as in many years.

“I’m not just yet a professional golfer, not playing for money yet, but I still had to buy gifts for family and friends on a thin budget”, he said.

“It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive gift.

“It’s just a thought that matters”.

Triston Waisale Davis, the popular Vancouver Island rugger will be among families celebrating Christmas in Vancouver, a first for the Island boy.

Triston's mum helped him with the gifts for Vancouver families and that he is thankful to her.

“Mum decided what families get. It’s my first Christmas with them, so it was only fair mum take charge”.

He did buy his few friends the gifts though, said he will gift them before he leaves for the main Island, Vancouver.

Footballer Nicholas Prasad says his family isn't huge on gifts, added they value time being together for Christmas.

"Christmas is very special time of the year. The life of a professional footballer is often quite unpredictable", said the FC Tulsa standout.

"Christmas is the only time during the year, I'm off.

"I come home to spend quality time with loved ones whom I don't get to see during regular football season".

And as the profound “spirit” of Christmas takes hold, Christians and non-believers alike will come together and celebrate this annual holiday through festive parties, gift-exchange, and get-togethers around the world.

Happy holidays to the readers of Sportsone.

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