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Time for 2020 resolutions

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Sports personal make New Year's resolution Sports personal make New Year's resolution AS the New Year draws closer, so are new resolutions for the hundreds of athletes.

The young and old alike would embark what giving up on habits with promises to maintain good health, getting into shape, make the national and just being the best.

A renowned behavior expert says a good 65 percent of athletes hold resolution to dear heart, while 35 percent will follow it through for first 3 months and eventually give in.

“It is widespread, small and big sporting countries have similar numbers”.

Michael Kowalski of the Michael’s Sports Source said typically the resolution sets in after athletes ring the New Year, with a champagne toast or a drink to mark the beginning of the promise.

“Perception and action, an expression of cognition”.

Athletes in the sport of rugby, football, boxing, cricket, weightlifting and golf would’ve already pledged to do away from some of the habits versus making one to top up their status for the year 2020.

“It is all about knowledge and consciousness in decision-making behavior that follows, professional and or leisure, resolutions tests the individual strengths and the weakness”.

“Don’t set unrealistic resolutions or goals that you have hard time sticking to.

“Keep it basic”.

Michael said the success of any resolutions are on the combination, preparation, graft, and belief.

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