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Fiji 7s costume designers, Usha Reddy and NandaniFiji 7s costume designers, Usha Reddy and NandaniUSHA Reddy and Viyanam Nandini are no fashion designers by profession but they sure add zest to their creation.

Usha, an American and Viyanam a Canadian, are cousins and Fijian men’s 7s diehard fans, who standout through their attires.

And in the last 5 year running of the Canada Sevens, the two ladies have made fashion a statement.

Usha says they’re all about the occasion, not focused on haute couture or the high-end design.

“We love Fiji 7s team”, she said.

“Our attires are out of love for the sport and the country.

“Nandani and I have been following the team for a long time. Some 15 years now. We did Las Vegas Sevens for the longest time, its Vancouver Sevens now and next year we are planning on LA Sevens”.

Usha said what makes them unique is that they both dress identical and during the Canada Sevens last weekend, the two turned heads with their outfit.

“We love to dress-up, we travel to Fiji to pick out the apparel, design and get it sewn just for the seven events.

“We also buy from Pratap Brothers, a local clothing outlet in Vancouver”.

The cousins have become Canada Sevens costume icon, and for the last 5 years, they’ve made it a fashion trend for design and creativeness.

“People ask us where we get our costumes from, they awe us when we tell them it’s our creation, we get it tailor made”, said Nandani.

Usha said she has already planned a trip to Fiji in July to look for fabrics for next year’s costume.

“We’re very patriotic when it comes to Fiji 7s, we’ll dress up and cheer on for our brothers every time”

For costumes, the cousins are a cut of the same fabric, unique and trend setters.

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