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Footballer's death shocking

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Former footballer, Shevy Chand FB, picFormer footballer, Shevy Chand FB, picFORMER footballer Shevy Chand’s sudden death last week has shaken a group of Sunday gamers.

The 29-year old was a regular member for the friendly pickup matches at the Newton Park.

Praveen Pratap said the Sunday morning gamers are saddened at the sudden death of Shevy, who was a dedicated footballer, for the 8am scrummage.

“Very shocking, hard for the group who played every Sundays”, said Praveen.

“Player like him only made the game that more competitive”.

AJ Ali said it came as a complete shock to the close-knit group that the footballer they rubbed shoulders with had died last week.

“It was just last Sunday he played and here, this week he is no more, he was being missed by all during today’s game”.

Shevy made Ba district debut as a youngster in the inaugural Fiji Times Canada tournament in 2008.

He turned heads with his skills and speed, he was part of the team that beat Nadi for the championship.

Shevy played for a few Fijian football clubs during his career, Flying Arrows being his last.

Funeral details will be made available later.

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