Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Seek helpful tips, Fijian League told

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Eagles FC,pic-BCMSA FBEagles FC,pic-BCMSA FBTHE Fijian Soccer League should seek helpful tips from the Muslim Football League on how to run a successful organization.

Former footballer, Victor (Vic) Nand made his feelings known after watching last weekend’s matches at the Newton Athletic Park in Surrey.

“For Fijian League to become a successful league they need to look at the Muslim League, get helpful tips on how to run a good organization”, he said.

Nand said having 25 teams in 4 divisions is reflective of the marked organization they have become in the last few years.

Muslim League has 6 teams in each of the Premier 1 and Premier 2, divisions, 6-U18s and 7 Masters teams who play weekday and weekend competitions.

The 80s, Lautoka rep, said what else makes the Premiere and Division 1 exciting is the automatic promotion and relegation format.

“The bottom two teams from Premier 1 gets demoted to Premier 2, and top two Premier 2 teams get promoted, a great concept to stir up good competition”.

Nand added that the Muslim League organization is Fijian League’s best clinic, as the latter has turned into a slog in the last 5 years.

“The Muslim League administration is doing everything right".

“They have teams, standard and support, they’ve everything to show for, the same can’t be said about the Fijian League”.

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