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Former Nadi footballer dies

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Kadir SAHIBKadir SAHIBNADI Football Association’s oldest surviving district footballer, Kadir Hussein Sahib passed away in Vancouver.

He was 84.

Sahib played district football between 1962-1965.

And during his tenure he teamed-up with district stars and brothers, Gulam Mohammed and Gulam Nabi, the former was nicknamed the ‘White Horse’.

Sahib played club football for Namaka FC.

His interest in the sport grew in 1960, while serving in the British Army, based in Cypress,Germany and England and upon his return to Fiji he made it into the district team.

Sahib migrated to Canada in 1977 and in the 1980s, helped form the Nadi FC, in Vancouver, Canada.

He intermittently served as district manager between 1980-1984.

Sahib’s younger brother, Mohammed Sahib and nephew Kamal Sahib also played for the district.

With Kamal going on to earn a name as ‘King Kamal’ for his heading exploits, when representing both the district and the Fiji national football team from 74-79, before retiring in 86.

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