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IDC final shame, match abandoned

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Nadi Veteran:FB pictureNadi Veteran:FB pictureFIJIAN football’s image took a hefty blow when the final between Nadi and Ba was abandoned.

And what was billed as the greatest day of football after Covid-19 suspension of all sporting activities for 2 years, turned chaotic on Sunday.

The abandonment ruined the occasion of those present, but out of safety reasons the referee called it a final.

It is believed that Ba player, Rigg Kumar contested referee’s decision for his teammate, Salesh Narayan wanton infringement after he had already copped a yellow card earlier in the game.

The referee stood firm on his call and when the situation escalated, Rigg was ejected along with Salesh for running a triad.

Footballers and fans who were at the final said the referee decided to abandon the game early in the second half, Ba was leading 1-0.

It is unclear what decisions would be taken by the organizers, who are footballers, and, on whose behest, the Inter District Championship was organized.

The abandoned final scenes not only diminish the principle of fairness in the beautiful game but also threaten the continuity of future events as match officials are far too often subjected to abuse.

The weekend long tournament also underscores the handwork of the organizers and sponsorship mileage.

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