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Nabi warns against use of FANCA name

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FANCA Muslim Sports has warned against the use of FANCA name by any other organization.

CEO, Moshin Nabi said FANCA is a copyright and any use would be an infringement.

“FANCA Muslim Sports strongly suggest all its non affiliates to stop using FANCA name in any of their letter heads, advertising, fund-raising, social media or any other means where it will create conflict of interest," he said.

“FANCA is a brand and will serve the governance, its members with integrity, fairness, honesty, respect and with transparency.

“This is to protect the FANCA brand."

Nabi said having legally registered FANCA Muslim Sports, it will carry out all future FANCA events,mainly FANCA Nations Cup and FANCA Champions League.

He advises all current affiliates in Fiji ,Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America to re-confirm their affiliation to FANCA Muslim Sports within 7 days.

“We will send invitation letters to respective nations and if we get response then the current affiliation will be cancelled and advertised to other Muslim organizations."

Nabi said, moving forward a new management board will be formed with the consultation of affiliates to host future FANCA events.

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