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Manu maps out action plan

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FANCA president, Manu Pokar. FileFANCA president, Manu Pokar. FileFIJI Muslim Sports International president Manu Pokar says bigger plans are in place for FANCA Champions League 2024.

Manu said with the success of the tournament, there have been calls for the inclusion of more teams in all age groups and they intend to facilitate that.

“We had overwhelming support from our stakeholders, sponsors, teams and our supporters,” he said.

“We will continue to strive to do better, accommodate new teams and increase the prize money in the next tournament.”

Manu said even with Fiji Muslim Sports Association’s suspension threat nothing could stop them from hosting the tournament, which had the biggest prize purse on record for a culture tournament.

He is flabbergasted that there are people who never played football a day in their lives tried to thwart the Champions League last weekend.

“There are those who I call as irrelevant, who live under an illusion that they are it, manipulate others into believing as they say.

“FANCA is a registered body under the Ministry of Youth and Sports. We have a vision and are purpose
driven, not men possessed for power.”

Pokar said the 3-Day tournament had a total payout of over $17,000, with Ba winning the $10,000 prize-money.

“We are unfazed by all the negativity surrounding the Champions League tournament, moving forward we will only do better."

“People need to keep their opinions to themselves.”



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Irrelevant! and big belly and some ..who are scavengers, never a day in their life did they play football…Pokar is just spot on
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