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Out of poor, Nadeem living a dream

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Fijian football commentator, Nadeem MohammedFijian football commentator, Nadeem MohammedFOR Fijian football commentator Nadeem Mohammed life hadn’t been all that easy.

Out of poverty, he was determined to fulfill his father’s wish of becoming a teacher.

And did he ever.

“I overheard my father telling his friends that his son will be a teacher, that was all the motivation that set in motion to live out his dream.”

Nadeem said he knew of his father’s struggles growing up in Mulo Mulo, a rugged back country in the upper highlands of Nadi.

“We come from a farming community, close knit, where everyone knows the other like no other.”

For it is said hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny, and Nadeem was well abreast of times, focused and determined.

“I had to live up, do well in school and become a teacher to fulfill my father’s dreams.”

Love for commentary

Nadeem said he had picked up a commentary niche from an early age.

His passion for sports drove him into calling out plays, the beginner's creativity was an illusion of a dream like a stadium.

“I’d  go up the tree tops to do the commentary to thrill my brothers and cousins who played pickup football.”

“From my childhood days, I had been an ardent follower of sports, specially soccer and 7s rugby, locally and internationally.

“I would be up late to listen to commentaries of Hong Kong 7s, Sicily 7s and other events”.

School rehearsals

It was during an oral assessment at Nadi Muslim College, that Nadeem had the opportunity to front the class to relive Fiji men’s 7s World Cup win.

“I got motivated to enact the post victory interview of Peni Veidreyaki. I got my oral assessment partner to become the reporter and I became the winning Fijian 7s coach.”

The friends pulled it flawlessly and the gig won him the teacher’s praise and drew audiences’ applause.

Tertiary education

After High school in 2000, the thought of tertiary education for the financially starved curtailed further studies.

And since quitting was not an option, Nadeem on the behest of his father took up a job at KK’s Hardware in Nadi.

“I knew my parents' struggles, for us siblings they did everything and I just couldn’t have been a burden on them and so I started working at KK's as a yard hand.”

The little he earned was not enough to enrol in the USP, so his father asked the owner, Kamlesh Kumar for help with the startup cost.

“I had family support, but out of necessity dad made arrangements with uncle Kamlesh to borrow money for University studies in 2001.”

Dream alive, University years

During the University years, Nadeem hadn’t given up on his dream job of one day working as a football commentator.

It took his good old school friends to convince him to join FBC or CFL on a part time slot, all while continuing on with the education at the USP.

“I applied and got hired as a stringer with FBC in 2001," he said.

With good work ethics and the burning desire, he became a play-by-play commentator with the Fijian National Broadcaster, and hasn’t looked back since.

"I had been up against those that didn't see my potential but they say patience is a virtue".

Setback following mother's passing away

Nadeem said losing his mother in 2005, his final year at USP, felt like he had almost lost everything.

“But I found strength, knowing I was counting on my mothers’ blessings.

“And my fathers’ ever-growing struggles were a beacon of hope, I’m glad I did it for them”.

Nadeem graduated with a Bachelor of Education, Literature and Language in 2005. And by profession he is a teacher at the Nadi Muslim College.

Mai-TV., football commentator

Nadeem, who had been on the set of Mai-TV., as the commentator during the Fiji FACT tournament, said he owes his humble beginnings to his families and all those that made him the person he is today.

“I owe my success to my families, wife, son and especially my brother Tabarak, whose unerring support during my USP days can’t go unnoticed.”



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