Fiji won its second straight Olympic gold with a 27-12 victory over New Zealand in the rugby sevens final at the Tokyo Games.

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Fijians celebrate 7s Olympic gold

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Fiji players's show off their 7s Olympic GoldFiji players's show off their 7s Olympic GoldFijians are celebrating Fiji 7s Olympic gold medal win, partying and rejoicing the history that has befallen the nation for the very first time.

Fans this website spoke to said they're over the moon with the euphoria and have declared binge celebration in honour of the very men who scripted into stardom.

The understanding among Fijians is that Fiji didn’t only beat Great Britain but embarrassed them 43-7 to win Fiji's first gold medal at any Olympics.

Etuate Driu Eta of Surrey couldn't hold back emotions, as tears rolled down his cheek he said he can't put into words how much the Olympic gold means to him and the country of his birth.

"Today I feel so happy to be a Fijian first", he said. "I may be in Canada but I have unwavering love for my roots".

Eta said Fiji 7s team has given Fijians world over a fresh identity and that of Olympic gold medal.

“We are already up there as the best sevens team in the world but winning the Olympic gold makes us the sports elite”.

Shamsher Ali who has been a sevens follower all his life couldn't agree more with Eta, added he shed a few tears of joy watching Fiji win its first ever gold at the Rio Olympics.

The truck driver has arbitrary booked himself a good week off for partying.

Ali said he will be joined everyday with a few good friends and as he put it ‘kava on the go’.

"I feel so proud for Fiji winning the Olympic gold medal", Ali said.

"The hard work, dedication, determination and discipline were the key to Fiji's success at the biggest summer event.

"Fijians of all race and religion must live the moment, celebrate and relish the event as it's all about history that unfolded before eyes".

Subarmani Reddy who worked with the father of gold medal winning Fiji team player Kitione Taliga in the 70s, said the win has reunited the country in many ways.

"Fijians have come together as one after the gold medal win.Fans from all walks of life came together to show their unerring support and true patriotism by rooting for the country".

Reddy said the thought that the back to back HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series win was big then the feeling of winning the gold is even greater.

He said the Fiji Governments’ announcement for a public holiday on August 22 just goes to show the love and the respect the nation has for its team and the sport.

"Fiji will literally stop for national celebration", said the former Navu, Nadi resident. “I just wish I could be a part of the massive celebrations”.

"We hear about how business, private and public, schools and universities and the ordinary Fijians throughout the country took time out to watch the game on TV.

"Just wait for team to touch down at the Nadi Airport and watch the celebration frenzy begin".

The loyalist agree that they’ve lived it to see their motherland grab its very first Olympic gold.


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