Canada claims the Legends Division of the FANCA Muslim Silver Jubilee tournament with a 4-3 shootout win against Australia at the Prince Charles Park in Nadi, Fiji : FANCA photo

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Fans rideout night to cheer Fiji

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Fiji wins its third HSBC HK7s Fiji wins its third HSBC HK7s Fiji 7s prestigious Hong Kong Sevens victory have Fiji Canadians celebrate into the early hours of Sunday morning.

The Fiji Sevens Fan group members rode the entire night before the champions beverage kava.

The eight hour sevens marathon on live TV was well worth the sacrifice said Mohammed Irshad Lichee, who appeared all wobbly by the end of the semifinal match against Australia but held on his own to watch the most anticipated grand finale against series leaders South Africa.

"The time differences had its fair of stress on the eyes but when you are a true fan of Fiji the long ride is a small price", he said.

"Nothing beats the feeling of tagging the champions all the way to the podium".

The Cup-quarter final did not start till 8:00 pm local North American time and by 7:30 pm Saturday night, the group of about ten men all draped in Fijian jersey had hunkered respectful over the traditional Fijian drink kava.

They anxiously awaited the start of the Fiji and Canada game, as it happened Fiji was drawn to wire at the half but the former countryman's prowess had them chase down to beat Canada, there on the group turned raucous.

"We were soft on the cheering against Canada as we didn't wanted them lose with a huge margin but as it turned out Canada got obliterated", Mohammed said.

"Fiji had not won a circuit leading up to the HK 7s and with all the negativity hurdled at the team and coach Gareth Baber, the grand daddy of all tournament, the Hong Kong 7s was Fiji's to lose".

He admitted thousands of Fijians had the same feeling.

Sam Ali had never doubted on Fiji's Hong Kong campaign said the Son Ko Po Stadium is Fiji 7s favorite hunting ground.

"Apart from the ire Wales match Fiji was all focused and had the composure to win it all and increase its title count to 17 wins, more then any other team in the history of the Hong Kong games.

"It was enthralling to see the team not only beat South Africa 22-0 at their own game but win its third treble title, a tournament record", Ali recounted while the team was making its congratulatory lap and mingling with fans at the Son Ko Po Stadium.

Mohammed Azmatulla, a former Nadroga, Fiji resident, who was bestowed with the responsibility of mixing kava all night, said Fiji was at the top of its game, added it would've taken the Blitzbox some game plan to beat the energy churning Fiji team.

"We saw the Fijian flair at its best.Its a proud moment for all former Fijians word over", Azmatulla said.

Delta resident Ponipate Nawala remarked Kava consumption was at all time high not only in Fiji but wherever the priced tradition possession was available.

"It's got to be the kava power", quipped Nawalu.

"Seriously Fiii made us all proud without dropping a game during the tournament. It's an amazing feat".

He said Fiji must now maintain its consistency and look at wining the Singapore Sevens at the weekend.

Kenya beat Fiji 30-7 to win the championship, Fiji last won the Singapore Sevens in 2006 when they beat England with a 40-21.

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