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Fiji Bati win unites Fijians

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Fiji Bati fanFiji Bati fanIF there is anything that brings Fijians together then it’s got to be rugby more than anything else and that is every-time the country plays.

It is the sport Fijians are best known for world-over and was this ever-defining following Fiji Bati's 4-2 win against New Zealand in the RLWC quarterfinal in Wellington last night.

The history making run came some 22 years on and while neither team scored a try, Fiji certainly showed up for the game and stuck in to the last play.

Fijians at Surrey's popular Blues Sports and Social Club, sang and celebrated as they rode the night with a fitting victory cliché 'Yes, we can' win it all.

Samsher Ali, a rugby patriot, said the hymn singing Fijian side has found the niche and after the New Zealand win the team established itself as the contender of the RLWC championship.

“That Tier 2 team is just a label, Fiji Bati gave a Tier 1 New Zealand a kick in the teeth".

“Fijians are quite content with the Tier 2 label, that is until you play them".

Ashwin Kumar who hasn't missed  Fiji's game on TV, feels unity, performance and the fact that the players have put God first has in fact helped the team, added barring the semifinal upset versus Australia, Fiji will go all the way.

"It all comes down to unity, faith and how much the team wants to win it for each other, the nation and its fans".

"God is good, the team believes and we the fans believe".

Kumar said he doesn't doubt Fiji as they have the skills and the know-how to win the nation its very first RLWC,

He says this team is by far the best coached and has the players who can get the job done.

"Fiji needs to stay positive. Play Australia as if it is the final game".

The Blues Social Club members’ call on Fiji not to rest on Australia's laurels, the 2008 and 2013 wins but dream for the possible.

"Yes, Fiji can".


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