Canada claims the Legends Division of the FANCA Muslim Silver Jubilee tournament with a 4-3 shootout win against Australia at the Prince Charles Park in Nadi, Fiji : FANCA photo

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Huge Fiji Bati loss irk fans

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Fiji Bati lost to Australia: Google ImageFiji Bati lost to Australia: Google ImageDIEHARDS have reacted against Fiji Bati's embarrassing RLWC semifinal loss to Australia at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane last night.

The ire many believe Fiji lagged the technical and technical lace.

Kitione Mawi, a former rugby coach was upset at the overall performance of the team that had a week on beat New Zealand at their own game.

"I'm a bit disappointed at fact that team lost with that huge scoreline.

"You would think after the New Zealand win Fiji would at least put up some sort of a fight", he said.

Mawi said Fiji completely wilted to Australia's structured play.

"It all comes down to the lack of performance”.

Mohammed Irshaad shared similar views, said Australia was no pushover, a team with quality players who simply outwitted Fijians in all facets of the game.

He said the 56-6 blowout came on the back of Fiji's historic 4-2 win against New Zealand, arguably the best showing against a Tier 1 team.

While many rugby pundits refused to predict the outcome of the Fiji-Australia game, Riten Gosai, former radio S1 Dhamaka sports analyst had called it a campaign.

"Kangaroos all round play and the depth was reason enough to make a call as to who will win the game.

"The Australians ran a clinic, and this was expected as history backed it”.

Gosai said Fiji's performance up to the New Zealand deserves praise.

"Let's not take anything away from Fiji Bati, they gave their all but were simply mismatched the 'whole nine yards' against the Kangaroos.

"Great run, knowing what that were up against".


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