Canada claims the Legends Division of the FANCA Muslim Silver Jubilee tournament with a 4-3 shootout win against Australia at the Prince Charles Park in Nadi, Fiji : FANCA photo

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Faith moves Mountains:Maciu

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Fiji 7s win Hamilton Sevens;HSBCFiji 7s win Hamilton Sevens;HSBCA week today, Fiji Men's 7s fans stopped believing, let alone having any hope in the team of winning the Hamilton Sevens.

Not only that, the general feeling was Fiji’s performance was anything, but a disaster.

And that the team would struggle against Australia during the pool match and get beat to a pulp should they face defending HSBC World Rugby Sevens champions South Africa and New Zealand, who all had already won a leg each coming into the inaugural Hamilton Sevens.

That was all, before the team turned into a beast mode and were they ever.

Coach Gareth Baber’s team obliterated Samoa in Cup-quarters, New Zealand in the Cup-Semifinal and South Africa, the biggest foe, in the championship game.

Typical of the Fijians, said Fiji 7s Vancouver Fan Club president Maciu Macaniwai.

“We, Fijians seems to have an opinion or two every time the team under-performs but always jump on the celebration wagon and root like no tomorrow when the team wins”, said the former rugby coach.


"There's nothing such as loyalty, its sad".

Maciu said with a tournament under Fiji, the team has found its winning niche.

“Las Vegas Sevens will be exciting”.

Criticism on the team and the coach hit all time high on social media after a spate of losses and Maciu blamed the games less know-hows and fake followers.

“It has become a habit of sort for fans to ride the coach and the players. There seems to be no shortage of experts when it comes to sevens rugby.

“Fans will now give the team a break and why not, Fiji has beaten the top three teams during the Hamilton Sevens, Australia 15 -26, New Zealand 17-19 and South Africa 17-24”.

Maciu said Fiji 7s team needs to maintain its consistency during the Les Vegas Sevens which is up next.

While fans will travel to lend support, the team is rest assured of the raucous backdrop during the Vancouver Sevens in March.

“We will not falter but continue to support the team like the way we did in the last two tournaments, 2016-2017. Faith moves mountain".

A Vancouver win is what the fans long for, 2018 could well be the year.


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